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UTSUKUSY MICRONEEDLING Therapy is a method to get a Visible Result in 15min ! Painless, Effective & Minimally Invasive procedure for rejuvenating and restoring normal skin functions.

( Scar, Pores, Botox Winkles, Pigmentation, Hyaluronic, Vit C ),

100% EFFECTIVE: proven and tested.
Designed to obtain the maximum treatment response level. They promote naturally cell repair, while treating skin tissue disorders, with maximum skin tolerance guaranteed.
100% SAFE: quality, safety and efficacy assurance, approved by the EC. They improve the appearance and quality of the skin immediately and on a long-lasting basis.
100% ADAPTABLE: in perfect synergy with all its product lines.
They can be used alone or in combination to give an individualized response to skin evolution: session after session they allow professionals to prepare customized treatment programmes*

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